Schedule an in-service for your Fresno County agency by contacting Julia Ramirez at: jramirez [at] rcsfresno [dot] org.

For more than 40 years, RCS Fresno has operated a free and confidential 24-hour crisis line (559) 222-7273 for rape and sexual violence survivors in Fresno County and provided direct services to rape and sexual violence survivors.

Callers receive help whether or not they are cooperating with law enforcement. They can access therapy, sexual assault counseling and other health care to begin healing from the adverse and sometimes long term health effects of untreated rape trauma, including chemical dependency, difficulty sustaining intimate relationships, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and other issues.

If requested, callers may receive information to help understand and choose how to interact with the criminal justice system, including police interviews, court accompaniment, and sexual assault forensic examinations (“rape kits”).

Callers may choose to receive as much or as little help as they want in English, Spanish, Hmong or other languages.


Curious to learn more about rape and sexual violence or rape prevention? Please contact Priscilla Meza at: pmeza [at] rcsfresno [dot] org.

RCS Fresno educates professional groups about best practices in direct services and primary prevention which are key to increasing healthy, consensual relationships for all adults and children in Fresno County at all developmental stages of their lives, without exclusion of any cultural group, such as veterans, the elderly, disabled persons or gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.


Interested in volunteering to help RCS Fresno end rape and sexual violence? Contact Priscilla Meza at: pmeza [at] rcsfresno [dot] org.

RCS Fresno selectively recruits and trains dedicated, intelligent and professional persons to help meet the challenge of ending rape and sexual violence in Fresno County.

Volunteers successfully complete a 40-hour state-certified training program to qualify to carry the RCS Fresno 24-hour rape crisis line, provide trauma-informed, culturally competent and victim-centered support to survivors and, in time, to learn all of the practical skill-sets necessary to organize and administer a community-centered nonprofit organization.


Need professional training to improve services at your agency for rape and sexual violence survivors? Contact Priscilla Meza at: pmeza [at] rcsfresno [dot] org.

RCS Fresno sexual assault counselors help individual survivors find help, including long-term, individualized and family-based therapy, immigration services, housing and other important resources.

In coordinated community stakeholder meetings and regional planning and policy groups, RCS Fresno also advocates systemically for perpetrator accountability and victim-centered, trauma-informed best practices with an emphasis on cultural competence.

For more information, please email  mjewell [at] rcsfresno [dot] org.