Working with Central Valley Colleges

by Monte Jewell, RCS Fresno

Studies show 18 to 20 percent of women students are sexually assaulted. Twenty-four hour access to off-campus confidential help is one of the key recommendations made to campus administrators in the First Report of the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault to help students traumatized by sexual violence.

On October 17th, 2014, new Department of Education rules brought sweeping changes to campus policies on sexual violence. California’s new affirmative consent standard also transformed investigation and response to sexual assault allegations on college campuses.

RCS’s 24-hour crisis line was started in 1973 by Fresno State students and has provided free and confidential, off-campus help to Fresno State students concerned about sexual violence for more than 40 years.

With Jessica Adams of the Fresno State Women’s Resource Center, the Fresno State Title IX office and others RCS advocates are working hard to protect college students’ access to 24-hour free and confidential help. RCS services are fully confidential under California Evidence Code 1035.2.